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Pastor Brad Thompson

My Church Family,

I hope and pray everyone is doing well. Last Sunday was our first Sunday back in our building. It was so great to see everyone that came as we lifted up the Lord corporately as a body of believers. I know the service was a lot different than our previous ones; however, God was glorified! I just wanted to say thank you for abiding by the guidelines and for you doing the best you can to make sure we keep everyone safe during this pandemic. As of right now, our main goal and objective is just to focus on our corporate worship. There will be no other ministries, nursery, or small groups for the time being.

We are still having a good number of viewers watching and worshiping with us on-line. That is a blessing. This Sunday we had 3 different families worship with us at Callaway for the first time! They had been worshipping with us on-line and decided to come and visit with us in our building. What a blessing!!

It is important during this time to spread the Love of Jesus Christ!!! Please understand that mankind has been attempting to fix all the problems that are going on since Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with fig leaves(own works) in the garden. Social justice has its place, but it is merely another fig leaf. This word does not need fixing, it needs REDEEMING. It needs a SAVIOR.....JESUS!!!

Don't forget about our 2nd study on James tonight at 6:30. Please spread the word. Looking forward to this Sunday.

In Christ,

Pastor Brad